Christmas Letter 2014

Merry Christmas from the Finn Family!!

Here are some highlights from this past year:

We spent the first half of the year in Jackson, Tennessee, during Nathan's sabbatical. During this time, he accomplished a great amount of research and writing, including finishing up his work on a new Baptist History textbook (that can be pre-ordered here). While in Tennessee, we explored a variety of places, visited several friends, and focused on our homeschooling. It was a wonderful time of study/writing for Nathan, and a chance for our family to slow down and grow closer together. We were super excited to return back home in June, though, back to our house, our church, and our seminary. The second half of the year included a trip to England for Nathan, the start of 2nd grade for Georgia and Kindergarten for Baxter, and Nathan's eighth year teaching. We had have our share of sicknesses, travels, and crazy times, but God is gracious and good and we thank Him for His blessings in our lives throughout 2014. Next year holds many wonderful possibilities and prospects and we eagerly anticipate how the Lord will use and grow us through them!

Brief glimpses into our lives--
Nathan: As mentioned above, he completed work on The Baptist Story as well as an introduction to the study of history (forthcoming), and many other writing projects. He was appointed Director of the Center for Spiritual Formation and Evangelical Spirituality at SEBTS this fall, and he continues to serve as an elder at First Baptist Church, Durham. A highlight of his year was his trip to England this summer, a trip he plans to repeat in summer 2015.

Leah: Homeschooling the Finnlings occupies a lot of Leah's time, both to her joy and chagrin.  The sabbatical in Jackson TN gave her lots of time to read (because there were no evening activities at all), time which she hasn't had since she returned to Wake Forest:-) She enjoys helping lead a women's Bible study through her church, planning field trips with a few homeschooling friends, and reading books. Leah became an Usborne Books & More consultant this summer just to feed her love of books and to share that love of books with others (

Georgia: Reading has become Georgia's favorite thing this year. We have seen her reading abilities grow by leaps and bounds this calendar year, and we cannot keep her in books! She still loves all things girly like princesses and sparkles, but also enjoys studying science and learning about the world around her. It is a joy to see her growing into a young lady who enjoys taking on more responsibility.

Baxter: Legos are still his favorite, and Baxter can spend hours building and creating with Legos. Numbers and information come quickly to him, and he is slowly growing in confidence in his learning to read. As his younger brother has gotten older, it has been a delight to see Baxter interacting with Fuller, showing him 'the ropes' so to speak, and stepping easily into the role of leader and big brother.

Eleanor: As our friends refer to her "THAT Eleanor" is both a complete mess and a total delight. Her vocabulary is astounding for an almost four year old, and her joy in life is unending. She loves to play with her siblings, swing on the swings, watch movies, and wreak havoc wherever she goes.

Fuller: Now almost 20 months old, he has changed so much this year. During the time we were in Jackson, he turned one year old and learned to walk. Now he is running everywhere, playing light saber duels with his brother, and climbing on the table every time we turn our back. He is snuggly and affectionate, and adores all of his siblings. 

We pray that you will know the hope of Christ this Christmas season. To learn more about the fabulous story that began with a baby born in a manger, please click on the page above called "The Story." May your lives be filled with blessing this Christmas and New Year, and may God be glorified in all things!

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Erin said...

It is always such a joy to "watch" your family online. I know we keep passing each other both here in GA and in NC. We'll catch up with each other in person one of these days. Wishing you all a wonderful and amazing 2015!