Monday, February 23, 2009

The forty-five minute intruder

Baxter's naps have recently been interrupted by the "45 minute intruder"--he wakes up after only napping for 45 minutes. Sometimes he can fall back asleep, but more often than not he starts to cry and then works himself into a tizzy. I read Baby Wise when Georgia was an infant, and I know that this phenomenon is not uncommon. However, what do I need to do? It completely throws our schedule out of whack when he wakes up early, though he is generally not unhappy once someone rescues him. I desperately want B and G to take an afternoon nap at the same time (or at least part of the same time), but with this crazy early-waking from his naps, that can be hard to achieve. I would love any advice anyone can give! It is only 10 a.m. on Monday, and Baxter has already been down for a nap AND woke up early from it (he woke up at 6:30, went down at 8:20, woke up at 9:15 or so). Thanks, blog-reading friends!


Emily Wallace said...

I remember Jackson did that for a while, and I figured out it usually was when he was going through a growth spurt. Is Baxter old enough to try cereal? My only advice is not feed him unless it has been 2 and half hours from the beginning of the last feeding. He will be tired from waiting to eat and might nap longer the next time. I know Abigail seems a lot more hungry than Jackson ever did and we will be starting cereal probably around 4 months. Keep us updated on what you think!

jeni said...

Emily has a good point -- we had the same thing happen with Joe. He was just hungrier! I started him on cereal earlier than I wanted to (5 1/2 mths) but he started sleeping a lot better after that. Also, unless Baxter's just really fussy-tired, try keeping him awake a little longer in the morning.

Shannon Bradley said...

Just dont forget...YOU determine when he gets up!! David did the same thing, and I left him in there until the end of nap time. Screaming or not. (I hope no one turns me into DSS ahahh)... I will blame it on Baby Wise ;) David did phase out of it...I racked my brain trying to remember the "rules" for the 45 min interrupter! Remember they will "seem" ready to get up, but the fussiness will follow later. Or he will be ready to go down before his regular scheduled 2nd nap, thus interrupting a "same time nap" for both! Not sure if this is what you are asking?!?!? Hope it works itself out soon :)