Friday, July 16, 2010

Funny story and a request

As a special treat for the entire Finn family, we are taking the kids to see a minor league baseball game next week. We told Georgia about it yesterday, and she woke up this morning asking if we were going to the 'ball game park'. Nathan and I told her that it was still a few days away, and then I borrowed an idea from Girl Talk and we told her it was four 'night-nights' away. Later in the morning, after I told the kids we were going to a playground park, Georgia said "We are going to the playground park today. And after four princess nightgowns, we are going to the ballgame park." She's my silly, smart girl :-)

And then there is Baxter (who is also silly, often smart and not a single bit 'girl'). Can I ask you to be praying for him, and for me and Nathan? Recently Baxter has started waking up from his naps and in the mornings screaming. Really, truly, screaming, often at the top of his lungs. Two mornings this week he woke up MUCH TOO early screaming. Thankfully I was able to comfort him and put him back down. He also is not napping very long in the afternoons, though he is obviously tired and cranky when he wakes up. Add this new habit to other ones he has picked up--squealing in anger while fighting with his sister, and blatantly disobeying (pretending to not hear us)--and Nathan and I are feeling a little stressed and tired. I think he may be teething, which would explain a lot, but is still something to work through. Even in the midst of all of this, he is sweet and cute and cuddly, and I praise the Lord for that. God gives grace, and I know this phase will pass all too soon and he will be wanting to, say, drive my car. Thanks for reading, friends!


Erin said...

Hugs and prayers for all of you. L's two year molars nearly killed us! It was a truly painful experience, physically and emotionally. As you said, this too shall pass. As another friend says, "it may pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass!" LOL She's always good for a laugh; hope it makes you smile (and grimace), too.

Angela said...

My son would go through similar things (more than normal developmental testing and tantrums) when he was brewing an awful ear infection. He wouldn't complain of pain at all, but would wake screaming and would do the high-pitched shreiking too.