Sunday, August 22, 2010

Trip to the alma mater (BPC)

Nathan recently had the opportunity to speak to the professors at our alma mater, Brewton-Parker College. We had the privilege of staying with the president and his wife, and spent part of the day Wednesday walking around the campus, visiting old haunts. It was fun to introduce our children to the place that we met.

This front porch with the rocking chair has special significance to Nathan's and my relationship. As many of you know, Nathan LOVES to rock. He found the rocking chairs almost as soon as he arrived on BPC's campus (exactly eleven years ago), and we spent many hours together on the front porch of the Briscoe Center talking and rocking. One friend actually called us the Rocking Chair Romance. I wanted to take our children there, and of course had to have some pictures.

These two pictures could be an ad for Brewton-Parker, don't you think?

We think these are the same rocking chairs that we sat on for hours on end. They are a little worse for wear...

Date taken: August 18, 2010

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