Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Flashback to June

I just came across this picture again on Facebook and realized that I had not posted it on the blog. Back in June, Nathan and I traveled to the Southern Baptist Convention without the kids and had a great time catching up with friends and participating in wonderful decisions being made on the convention floor. We got the chance to spend a lot of time with Joe and Sara Stegall, who are friends and *sort of* neighbors here at SEBTS (sort of because they lived in the same complex, though not near us) who now live in Nashville. We had someone take this picture of us after lunch or dinner at Dennys on Tuesday of the SBC, I think (we ate Dennys twice because it was close, so I am not certain). Anyway, one of the joys of the SBC is renewing old friendships, and we were so grateful for the time we had with Joe and Sara there!

Date taken: June 15, 2010

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