Monday, October 18, 2010

Conversations with my children

Baxter's really into saying "What's dat(that)?" all the time right now. It's mostly cute, except when it gets out of control:-) So...
Baxter: What's dat? (pointing at a gentleman we don't know)
Me: No, Baxter, Who's that?
Baxter: I don't know!

Georgia turned a somersault on the floor, and then asked me to do one. I told her no, and she said: Why not? Are you too big, Mommy?

And then tonight-
Me: Georgia, for dinner tonight, we're going to have bacon and eggs
Georgia: Mommy, are you going to burn them again?

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Kathleen said...

There's a little "Who's on First" with Baxter--Nathan will have a blast with that!