Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finnling #3 update

As the holidays approach, so does the imminent arrival of Finnling #3! We are very excited to get to meet our little guy/girl soon.

I had a doctor's appointment today for a regular checkup, with hopes that they would clear me for travel next week to see family at Thanksgiving. My normal and boring pregnancy continues for the most part. I have gained a decent amount of weight (approx. 20 pounds, I think), and my blood pressure continues to be wonderful (102/68). The baby's heart rate is strong and right on track, and Georgia and I both enjoyed hearing it today (she loves going to appointments with me).

The only 'kink' in our plans today was that I was measuring small again. This has happened with each of my pregnancies, causing me to need extra ultrasounds, all to determine that nothing was wrong. My doctor noted that I was measuring small again, and that I had done the same on my previous appointment. Though they were not greatly alarmed, my doctor felt it would be best to have an ultrasound to check on the baby before I went out of town. I went to the Maternal-Fetal clinic at the hospital for my ultrasound today, and everything looks great. The baby is actually above average in size (around 4 lbs or so right now), and the doctor expects Huck will be 7 1/2 lbs to 8 lbs at full term. Everything else is superb, and we learned that the baby is head down--yes!! In case you are wondering, we did not learn the baby's gender, so it is still a surprise :-)

All that to say, I am cleared for travel next week, and even had a special ultrasound to prove it. I will be going to the doctor more frequently after the Thanksgiving break, and before we know it, Baby #3 will be here!

I took these pictures this week at the Marbles Children's Museum in downtown Raleigh. They had facing mirrors that made for fun pictures--but I apologize if they aren't terribly clear!

Date taken: November 16, 2010 (33 1/2 weeks)

And please don't forget to vote for the gender, arrival date, weight and length of Finnling #3! I will be closing the poll in the next couple of weeks, so vote now!!

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