Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving week 2010, pt. 3

For Thanksgiving Day dinner, we headed out to the farm to share a meal with the Finn side of the family. There were LOTS of family members there, and lots of delicious food. Granddaddy Bobby Finn (whom Baxter Robert is named after) pulled out his 'tractor' lawnmower and took his namesake for a few spins around the yard. To say Baxter enjoyed it would be an understatement--he cried and cried when we removed him from the lawnmower. He thought he was hot stuff 'steering' and 'driving' it.

Georgia adores her cousin Samantha, and Samantha always seems to enjoy spending time with Georgia, which is a huge blessing.

The Finn family (one branch :-) Leah, Georgia, Baxter, Nathan, Granddaddy Bobby, Grandmommy Gloria, Andy, Patty, and Nanny Peggy (Patty's mother)

After Granddaddy had shown off his 'tractor', Uncle David was not about to be outdone...so he pulled out his real tractor and took the grandkids for a spin. Baxter touched everything on the inside that he could, levers, knobs, pedals, etc. He was thrilled!

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