Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Baby Update--39+ weeks

It is really funny how 'little things', like a severe winter weather system, can change things quickly. At this time last week, I was eager for our little baby to arrive, and even hoped that the baby might come right around Christmas. Nathan's parents would be in town visiting, and what a wonderful opportunity for them to be here when the baby arrives! But then we learned the weather forecast--snow on Christmas Day, and possibly lots of it! Nathan's parents left earlier than planned so they could make it to South Georgia without getting trapped (praise the Lord they did, or they would have been snowed in here or on the road). And Nathan and I began to pray that the baby would wait until the roads cleared. No baby yet for us!

There is snow on the ground, the roads are clear, and I went to the doctor yesterday to see how things were going with the baby. The simple answer is, nothing is really going on. I have contractions on occasion, usually if I am on my feet for very long, but they go away. The doctor thinks I am 'on the way' (a little dilated and effaced, but not by much--sorry for using such words on the blog!), but I still have a long way to go. Now, the wonderful thing is that things can change quickly, and being a little bit on the way is better than nothing at all.

We discussed the option of induction at my appointment yesterday as well, and the doctor advised against it this week. It would be an elective induction if I tried to schedule it this week (since I am not yet past my due date), and this is possibly the worst week of the year to try to get into the hospital. Since it is not medically caused, I would be bumped for ladies who have medical reasons for their inductions. We decided to wait, and to talk again about the possibility of an induction next week if I make it that long.

How you can pray--
*Pray that the baby comes on his/her own, without needing to be induced. I am not opposed to being induced, and will probably choose that if I go past my due date, but I would rather go into labor on my own.
*Pray for the baby to come soon. We are ready to meet our next child, find out if the baby is a boy or girl, and start adjusting to life as a family of five.
*Pray for me to have rest before going into labor. I am not sleeping well at night, and am frequently tired during the day. Rest is needed :-)
*Pray for me and Nathan to get a few projects accomplished before the baby arrives, but also not to stress if our plans are altered by labor and delivery.

Thank you my friends! We hope to be updating about the baby very soon!

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