Sunday, January 02, 2011

False Alarm

I started having contractions around 6 a.m. today, and they were coming pretty regularly for a couple of hours. Nathan and I made arrangements for the kids to go to church with friends (they were so excited about that they didn't even tell their daddy good-bye when he dropped them off!), and hoped to make a trip to the hospital sometime this morning. My contractions seemed to come and go, but they were strong and coming more frequently when I was on my feet. So around lunchtime, we headed out--to eat lunch at Panera, walk around, and then head to the hospital. Walking around after lunch was painful and no fun, so we were hopeful on the way to the hospital. And then we got to the hospital and things died down. While in triage for 20-30 minutes, I had only one contraction. The doctor checked me, and I was not dilated enough to be admitted. They sent me home.

That has never happened to me before, in two previous pregnancies. Once my body starts having contractions, in the past at least, they continued to grow in strength and intensity and by the time I was at the hospital I was easily admitted. The process has been very different with this baby--I seem to have contractions a lot, especially if I am on my feet or walking around, but then they die down. I admit, I was greatly disappointed to be sent home, and spent some time second guessing myself.

I keep saying that God has perfect timing, and that I am trusting HIS timing, not mine. And yet, when pressed, I am discouraged, disappointed and doubtful. He crafted my body, and designed it to carry AND deliver a baby. He knit together this little baby in my body, and numbered its days from the very beginning. God has already laid out the plans for this baby to come, and it will happen at a time when He will be most glorified. I am going to do my best to rest and trust in that. I covet your prayers as we are now back at home, waiting for 'real' labor to begin.


Eadie said...

Leah, I went to the hospital with similar contractions with our #2. It was not fun to be sent home, but he was nice and big and healthy when he was born. And, I think my labor was easier because my body had already been practicing so much. I hope that is the case for you. They say false alarms happen more easily with later children (rather than firsts). I hope it all happens soon for you!

Z' Hodges said...

Hey Sister,
I'm not sure if you saw my comment on FB. But I totally can relate. I remember going in with MaKayla and was so disappointed when we had to come back home.
So, when I felt contractions again, I was like, "I'm not moving until it's REALLY CLEAR!" And Girl was it!! I thought Matt was going to have to deliever her!! LOL
Well, I hope that put a little grin on your face. The good thing is that you're closer to seeing the little finnling.


Leslie and Thomas said...

Praying for you! Look forward to seeing pics when the new Finnling finally decides to arrive. :)