Saturday, January 15, 2011

It takes a village...

...or, more correctly, it takes the body of Christ (by this I mean those people who believe in Jesus Christ, and as such, though members of different churches, are all part of the body of Christ).

These past two weeks, Nathan and I have truly felt the love of our 'family', the body of Christ, both those who are members of our church and those who are members of other churches. Without the help of friends, we would have been really at our wits' end when Eleanor was born. We had so many people who watched our children and took care of them while I was in the hospital!

--The Hutchinsons gladly took our children to gather with our church on Sunday, January 2, when we thought the baby was coming (but she didn't). Handling two extra children in addition to their own two was a hassle, I am sure, but they were very eager to help (and my kids LOVE THEM, and didn't want to come home).
--Hannah A. watched G and B Monday morning, January 3, while Nathan and I went to the doctor. When the doctor gave the thumbs up for us to go to the hospital, Hannah continued to keep the kids until another family picked them up.
--The Quinns took the kids home with them Monday afternoon and kept them overnight. This was right after they had returned from visiting family out of town! Ashley, the mom, corralled four kids under 4 and I cannot thank her enough for that.
--The Mounts hung out with G and B the night of January 4 so Nathan could come visit me at the hospital (he kept the kids that day, and brought them up to the hospital to met Eleanor).
--Becca D. babysat the kiddos on Wednesday morning, January 5, so Nathan could pick me and Eleanor up from the hospital.
--Leanna D. watched G & B yesterday so I could run errands with E without taking all three of them:-)
--Multiple friends have made meals already or will be bringing us meals in the next two weeks. It is so wonderful to not have to cook regularly!

In typing this up, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to our friends who have blessed us so greatly around the arrival of Eleanor. They have truly shown the love of Christ to us, giving sacrificially to us in a manner that was above and beyond "the call of duty." It is our prayer that Christ will be glorified through our friends' generosity, and that we might serve others as our friends have served and blessed us. Thank you so much dear friends! We love you, and we see the love of Christ in you!

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