Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Quick Takes- February 25, 2011

1. Yesterday Nathan and I had our first date where we left all three kids. We had a wonderful dinner out at Winston's Grille, followed by a stroll around The Fresh Market before heading home. We are so grateful to Claire H. for taking care of all three Finnlings!

2. Winston's entrees were delicious, but their Bananas Foster dessert was To. Die.For. Huge, delicious, amazing, has-to-be-split-by-two-people, wonderful kind of dessert.

3. Eleanor takes a bottle really well! That is so exciting, especially since Georgia did not take a bottle after she was two months old. I am grateful for an easy-going, flexible third child. I don't plan to offer a bottle all that much, but it is such a relief that she takes it.

4. I really want to go to this concert at the end of March. There's a possibility that Nathan will have a conflict, so I haven't bought the tickets...yet...

5. I introduced Georgia to a preschool workbook yesterday, and she tore through about 20 pages of basic tracing. That was encouraging, and gives me motivation to keep going with at least some form of 'school'activities.

6. When I got pregnant with E, I took a break from cloth diapering, but have really wanted to get back into it. I am looking at buying a set of Rumparooz from a lady on Craigslist. It would be an investment (and I am always hesitant to spend money), but the diapers could fit both B and E and grow with them. I hope to try them out today, so we'll see.

7. Nathan's car is old and falling apart cosmetically. He is in the market for a new (to him) vehicle, specifically a small used truck with decent MPG, low miles, and space to put two kids. Let me know if you come across one!

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