Saturday, February 05, 2011

This past month

Eleanor is now one month old! I realize that I haven't written much about our life in the past few weeks, and have simply tried to keep current pictures posted of our newest little one. So here is an update on our life now that Eleanor is one entire month old:-)

-Classes are back in session at Southeastern, and Nathan is enjoying teaching several this semester. He especially enjoys an elective he is teaching that is a smaller class, and we like it to because I can bake goodies for it! In the past year, Nathan's classes have been so large that I can't take cookies or cupcakes to it (it is hard to make treats for a class of 80-90). I enjoy doing it, and the kids love making deliveries to Daddy's people, so I am glad for the chance.
-The kids LOVE their little sister (see previous posts with them holding her). Georgia is especially enamored of Eleanor, and we have to repeatedly tell her to stop touching Eleanor all the time. She would smother her little sister with love at times, I think! Baxter isn't quite as deeply in love, but he enjoys taking his turn to hold her.
-Though the kids love their sister, we have definitely seen some rebellion and 'pushing of the limits' since she has arrived. They are often either chasing each other around the room screaming in glee, or chasing each other around the house screaming in anger because they are fighting over a toy or something. Nathan and I are learning to rely on God's strength as we at times feel like we are battling our children.
-Eleanor went 8 hours between feedings one night last week. Whoo-hoo! It hasn't repeated yet, but her 'stretches' at night are averaging 5-6 hours between the first two feedings, which is wonderful. The only problem--the more sleep I get, the more I want!
-Nathan and I have now been married 10 years! Our ten year anniversary present to each other was Eleanor:-) We hope to take an anniversary trip sometime around our eleven year anniversary...but our sweet little girl is completely worth delaying a trip.
-Three years ago at Super Bowl weekend, we decided to buy this house. Three years ago in early March, we signed mountains of paperwork and became home owners. I can't believe we have been in this house that long! We are so thankful for the Lord blessing us with the perfect home for us.
-One last funny tidbit: Last year we paid off our minivan and kept track of our payments on a chart on the refrigerator. This year we are saving money to buy a new vehicle for Nathan (whose car is 15 years old and needs to be replaced). I decided the visual aid was helpful, so I made a new chart--the picture for this year's goal is a monster truck. At least once a day, Baxter looks at the refrigerator and yells "Monster Truck! Wook [Look}! A Monster Truck!" He loves them :-)

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