Saturday, March 05, 2011

My Day-Day 5 of 31 Day Challenge

First, just for those readers who might be following along, there are 31 days of prompts but two things are going to throw it off: 1) I might not always write on the prompt (sorry!) and 2) Whitney, the genius behind this idea, did not plan for weekends. And she doesn't like to blog on weekends (can't blame her) so she will be taking weekends off. This March challenge will therefore run into April some. Ah, I am playing along hit and miss, so it isn't a big deal :-)

The topic for Day 5--My Day. Since I am behind anyway, I thought I would tell you about Saturday, March 5.

Nathan's best friend was in town for the weekend, so we had a house guest around. Saturdays are lazy days for us. Though the kids don't sleep in (ha!), we bring them to our bed and snuggle with them for a little while before venturing downstairs for breakfast and such. After breakfast, Nathan called his parents for their weekly Saturday chat. Baxter desperately wanted to talk to his papa, and Georgia was willing to leave her Saturday cartoons only briefly for a conversation (she is mesmerized by the television).

I threw on some non-pajama clothes and went downtown for the free tree giveaway in celebration of Arbor Day. I snagged some crepe myrtle, eastern red bud and eastern ash seedlings for our yard. I am very excited about all of those, but especially the crepe myrtle, which I love! Granted, the seedlings look like twigs, and rather scrawny twigs at that, but that's okay. I am hoping that I don't kill them, and that we can watch these trees grow in the next several years.

When I returned, all of the adults took turns getting ready (I love how you don't have to get ready on a Saturday until late morning...if you change out of your pjs at all!). Mr. Doug, Nathan's friend, took Georgia and Baxter to Starbucks for treats and his morning chai, and even filled up the gas in our van on his way back (We LOVE Mr. Doug!). Upon returning, we went to lunch at Village Deli, which was delicious as always. The children were put down for their naps and the adults all amused themselves on their computers :-)

After the naps, we went to see a local school's production of Annie. It was the first time Georgia and Baxter had seen any kind of theater production, and it was a great place to start. The production was shorter and cleaner than the movie version of Annie, and Georgia loved it. Baxter got a little restless, and wasn't sure about the darkness of the theater, but it was fun. After the show we came home, ate a snack dinner and put the kiddos to bed. Nathan and Doug then watched a war movie, and I worked on a sewing project, baby shoes for a friend expecting a little girl in May.

And that was our fun, unusually active Saturday!

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