Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Not-So-Good Day

Yesterday was just one of those days. You know, the days where things just don't seem to go right? It wasn't quite on par with Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, but it was still a rough day.

*I scheduled a plumber to come by and check to see if we have pressure reducing valve on our system. The city is changing our water pressure next month, and if we don't have this valve, we'll be in big trouble. The plumber came by, turned off our water, and asked for the key to access our crawl space. No problem, I think, the key is always right there....except it wasn't. And it wasn't in the second most likely place, or the third. I asked him to wait while I tore the house apart. Meanwhile the two big kids are alternating between trying to talk to the plumber through the open windows and chasing each other screaming about something, all the while I am wrecking the house desperately looking for the keys and calling Nathan to see if he moved them (he didn't answer b/c he was at lunch). I had to send the plumber away, embarassed and frustrated.

*Later, I put the kids down for naps at the same time, which was right before 2. I told Baxter, my early waker, that he needed to stay in bed until 3:30. At 2:45, I went outside to finish a painting project I started last week (I am painting a small bench). I was in the driveway right beside the garage, thinking I had at least 30 minutes before everyone woke up. WRONG! I went into the house and Baxter and Eleanor were both screaming. Though I had only been gone for 15 minutes, they were at meltdown mode. Eleanor had been crying hard enough that she had sad hiccups! I took care of her, and told Baxter to be a big boy and stay in bed for longer.

*Eleanor had been taking bottles just fine, and we have even left all three kids for us to go out to dinner once. Yet, last week when Nathan tried to give her a bottle she refused it. We decided to try again last night, with Nathan offering the bottle to her. She snuggled with her daddy, looked at him cutely, and refused to drink the milk. Nathan said she didn't reject the bottle as much as the milk. Great! Georgia was the same way, completely refusing to take a bottle. I intend to keep trying with Eleanor, but I am not too hopeful that she will take the bottle.

*Last night, I called Nathan's dad to see if he could help us with a printer problem. Our printer has not worked for several weeks--we can send things to the printer but there is always an error and they never print. Nathan's dad (Papa) has a side business in computer repair, and he is gracious enough to always help us out when we have issues. After talking with him for awhile last night and trying different things, it was concluded that our relatively new printer is dead. Completely and totally dead. It won't work wirelessly at all(yes, it is a wireless printer), and would not print even when hooked up with a USB cord. So another electronic device bites the dust.

And that was the sort of day I had yesterday. There were many good notes, of course, and praise the Lord I did find the keys! Yet it was just a day that reminded me of how helpless and hopeless I am without God's grace. I forgot that a lot yesterday! I forget that everyday!


Tara said...

Sorry to hear about your day... I've had days like that too, but praise the Lord that "His mercies are new every morning!"

Good to see you at the grocery store on Monday!

Erin said...

Those days are absolutely no fun! Hope today went better.