Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A river runs through it

I have mentioned before that when it rains for any length of time, a river runs through our yard. The water drains from our neighbor's yard, across our driveway, through our yard and into the road. It has created a large washed out section in our front yard. This exposed area of red clay is the kids' new favorite place to play by digging in dirt and making a big mess. We need to figure out a good way to divert the water away from our yard. Any suggestions?


kschaub said...

For a permanent fix, you'll probably need to have a gutter dug in between your yard and your neighbors. It would be concrete, and would funnel the water to the street instead of its natural way to cross your driveway and yard.

Or better, you could get a drain installed that would lead to your drainage in the street. I don't think there is a cheap fix, unless you bought a heap of dirt, made a hill between you and your neighbor's yard, and planted grass on it. Would be kinda cool though.

Anonymous said...

Could you put a row of border stones down your driveway? It would be annoying for whoever cuts the grass but I would think it might keep the water from draining.