Saturday, April 09, 2011

Why am I participating in 4000 Steps?

I just received this email from the director of Pregnancy Support Services, and she explained WHY Nathan and I and other are raising money and walking for life.

"Because right now, as I [Amber, director of PSSWF] write this email, there is a woman in our medical room who walked through our door an hour and a half ago who is (or hopefully WAS)intent on getting an abortion.

She is talking with our nurse and a staff person, getting an ultrasound, and talking through the obstacles that are pressuring her towards having an abortion. They are educating her on abortion procedures and risks, her baby's development, and offering her resources to help her see that she can have her baby! She already has kids and has alot of worry about finances. YOU CAN PRAY RIGHT NOW that she will see the resources we offer as a way to overcome this obstacle and choose LIFE!

The pressures to abort are overwhelming in her heart and she needs HOPE!

She is not the only woman sitting in this place of fear, worry, and distress TODAY!

Thousands more women are in our county right now...and we need to reach them TODAY AND FOR YEARS TO COME! "

PSSWF offers FREE pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counseling, and parent education classes through the woman's entire pregnancy until the baby is a year old. Parents can attend classes and earn credits for supplies they need to raise a child, including diapers, formula, baby clothes, and even cribs and car seats. They seek to show women that abortion is not inevitable, and that they truly have a choice!

Won't you partner with me to support this ministry and these women/families who are in crisis situations? You can donate easily online at Thank you in advance for your donation!

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