Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Atlanta Zoo

We spent part of one day while we were in Atlanta at the zoo with my mom, sister, and my sister's niece and nephew, Morgan and Hunter. It was REALLY HOT, but the kids had a lot of fun.

On a side note to the zoo trip, I am so thankful for my sister, Ruth--she loves my kids like no one else does, and is truly the best aunt a parent could want for their children. My kids (and her other niece and nephew) adore her, and it's easy to see why. Who doesn't love an aunt who takes you to the zoo and packs a backpack full of kid's treats? (goldfish, granola bars, fruit snacks, juice boxes, and more!)

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Ruth Scott said...

How could I not adore THEM! You have the cutest kids ever! Too bad George looks tooooo much like me in these pics.... :P