Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Afternoon entertainment

Today temperatures reached over 100 degrees, so we hunkered down inside and avoided the outdoors.

Georgia "read" Baxter a book:

Do you see the booklight in her hand? They had a lot of fun playing with that, using it to read their books (in broad daylight, of course). Then they had the great idea of getting under a blanket to read by the book light. That led to Mommy setting up a tent for them. Below are pictures of them hiding under their tent. I took the pictures through the blanket 'doors', so it isn't the greatest picture, but it shows the fun they are having.

Both kids woke up from their naps wanting to know if they could eat their afternoon popsicle in the 'castle tent'. I told them yes :-) So Georgia and Baxter had popsicles and snacks in the castle tent, and then watched a couple of Disney shows on the computer (hence the blue glow).

I think the kids will be upset tomorrow when the castle is gone (we took it down to watch the All Star Game)...this may be a regular living room fixture now :-)

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