Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finnlings' sizes

It is the time of the year for Finn birthdays! Baxter's birthday is September 28, and Georgia's (and my) birthday is October 21. Poor Nathan and Eleanor are left out of the fall birthdays, with Nathan's birthday in May and Eleanor's in early January.

Anyway, as the kids' birthdays are approaching and Christmas comes after that (it really isn't far away), I thought I would post the kids' sizes for anyone who might be interested. You know who you are, and if you aren't interested, feel free to skip this post :-)

Shirts: 5T/6T
Pants/Skirts: 5T
Dresses: 5T/6T
Underwear: Child's size 6
Shoes: 11
*Note: G has long arms and torso, so if there is a question, always go bigger in size

Shirts: 3T
Pants/Shorts: 3T
Shoes: 8.5/9

Size 9 months in everything :-)

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