Sunday, November 20, 2011

A day of just being together

Yesterday, November 19, we had a few plans. But we cancelled them. Nathan had been traveling a lot, we had not spent much time together as a family, and the gorgeous day was calling. So we lounged around in pjs. Cooked a yummy breakfast that was more like brunch. Played outside- a lot. Ate a picnic in our backyard after playing hide and seek and swinging and pretending to be princesses and knights in the treehouse castle. It was a lovely, relaxing, enjoyable day to enjoy being a family, and being together. It was a day where I wish I could freeze time, and keep my kids this small, this fun, this 'we still enjoy hanging out with mommy and daddy' age forever! We often get so busy that we do not stop to enjoy spending time together. I pray that our day yesterday would not be a rare occasion, but a regular one!

Enjoy these pictures of my silly, sweet kids:

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