Monday, December 19, 2011

Baxter is a comic book character

We often joke that Baxter is a little comedian or a comic book character because he is so funny and random, and he makes the best faces ever. Here are a few of the latest stories for you:

Me: "Georgia and Baxter, what is Christmas about?" (we have been talking about Jesus' birth for a long time now)
Baxter, while jumping up and down: "PRESENTS!!!!!!"
Me: banging my head against the floor...

While walking through the neighborhood, Baxter was holding my hand. "This is my robot hand," wiggling the hand I held, "and this" wiggling the other "is my Darth Vader hand."

The kids love pomegranate, and like to eat a little bowl of pomegranate 'seeds' (arils, according to Wikipedia) as a snack or with their breakfast. Last week, Baxter stuck one up his nose. He fussed about it, and I tried to remove it, but he inhaled it back into his nose. I didn't worry about it because, frankly, I thought it would work its way into his belly. Then this morning he sneezed and something disgusting flew out of his nose. "Mommy, I sneezed pomegranate out of my nose!" And he had.

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