Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas Day finery

My beautiful children, dressed up in their 'fancy clothes' for Christmas Day worship service at FBCD.

see the black and white dress? yes, that is the closest I got to a picture of the two sisters together :-)

When did she get so big?

Him too? He has taken to "smiling" like this for most pictures. I am afraid that is a little early to start with the weird poses, but oh well. See the toy clutched in his hand too? That's not unusual.

I know she's mine, but wow, she's beautiful

Unlike her brother, Eleanor has no problems cheesing it up for the camera (see  pictures below!)

As I mentioned before, Nathan preached on Christmas morning at our church, so if you are interested, here is Nathan's sermon.

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Tara said...

Beautiful clothes and children!