Wednesday, February 08, 2012

In Eight Days...

In just EIGHT DAYS, I get to see Les Miserables the musical.

I am excited beyond words.

I saw it on stage while in college, but haven't seen it since.

It is my favorite.

Redemption is crucial to the story. The music and lyrics move me to tears almost every time I listen to it. I will be a weepy mess next week, but it will be worth it.

In case you didn't see it, you should watch the 25th Anniversary Concert that aired on PBS. It is not a fully staged version, but you still get to hear the wonderful music and vocalists along with an amazing orchestra and full choir (I would LOVE to be in that choir--how much fun would that be?).

Below is one of my favorite moments--four different men who all play Jean Valjean singing "Bring Him Home". Breathtaking. Watch it and enjoy.


Pam said...

Les Mis is my absolute favorite!!! SO JEALOUS and SO EXCITED for you! Thanks for posting said it, BREATHTAKING!

Erin said...

I still remember seeing it on Broadway in New York. It is something that I will never forget! I hope you have a fantastic time.

BTW, I tagged you for 11 Things on my blog.