Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Civil Wars in Concert!

Nathan and I are huge fans of The Civil Wars, an indy-folk duo with an amazing sound (they just recently won a couple of Grammy's). They were scheduled to play a concert on Duke's campus in October on the day before my birthday, and Nathan bought tickets to the show for my birthday present. I was SO excited--it was going to be one of the best birthday presents (outside of Georgia, of course:-). A couple of days before the concert, though, Nathan called me, and he sounded funny. Upset, but not. Trying to break something to me easily. And that is exactly what was going on--John Paul and Joy had to cancel their October concert in Durham because one of them had laryngitis. I have to confess, I was terribly disappointed...but they rescheduled for early December, and my sweet amazingly wonderful husband chose to go to the concert with me instead of lecturing in his night class! We went to dinner at Bull City Burgers in downtown Durham--my favorite--and then to the concert, which was wonderful. All The Civil Wars had on stage was a grand piano and several guitars--no other instruments other than the vocals. They were spellbinding. I have never heard people be so quiet during a concert, but we were all almost holding our breath for fear of missing a beautiful harmony or musical moment. Fabulous, wonderful, beautiful music. Can't recommend them enough, and if you can see them live, you should!

The opening act, Milo Greene--which had a really cool sound, too, and one of the guys looked a lot like my brother Andrew :-)

An attempt to document our evening...Nathan's eyes were of course closed!

It's them! The Civil Wars--aka Joy Williams and John Paul White

Date taken : December 5, 2011

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Kathleen said...

One of Hannah's favorite groups---what a great birthday gift!