Friday, May 18, 2012

Marriage Retreat to Peace Hill, pt. 1

Last year, we turned a preaching opportunity for Nathan into a getaway to a quiet bed and breakfast outside of Williamsburg, VA. We loved staying at the Bed and Breakfast at Peace Hill that we went back for another trip, this time a marriage retreat without the kids (our first trip without the children since Eleanor was born). We had the house to ourselves, slept late EVERY day we were there (gasp!), and stuffed ourselves to the gills on Tanya's amazing breakfasts (and lunch one day as well). We took the time to talk through a series of marriage-evaluation questions that covered everything from the past year, to goals and dreams, to our spiritual lives and sex lives. I don't know the last time Nathan and I were so relaxed and had so much time to just talk and be together. It was only three nights, and yet they were the most wonderful days and nights. If you are interested in a marriage retreat, I highly recommend the Bed and Breakfast at Peace Hill. Also, if you are interested in the "Annual Marriage Checkup" that we worked through, let me know!

Date(s) taken: March 30-April 2, 2012

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