Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What June has been like for the Finns

I am sure you (my avid reader! :-) must think I have disappeared this month. No, quite the contrary--We, the Finns, have been everywhere this month. I hope to post all kinds of pictures about our activities, but here they are (most of them) in bullet point, just because I can.

  • June 2- my second niece was born! We love you Audrey Grace and cannot wait to meet you.
  • June 2- Nathan and Leah take a trip with good friends Kevin and Bekah to see the Atlanta Braves play the Washington Nationals. Should have taken us 4.5 hours; took us 7+. We were in the ballpark less than an hour and a half. No, Nathan wasn't happy.
  • June 7- Finnlings hit the pool for the first time! One loves it, one hates it, and one is ambivalent. Pretty typical.
  • June 9- Leah helped to host a bridal shower/commissioning prayer time for a friend. It was a sweet time of fellowship with other sisters in Christ.
  • June 12- Leah and the kids start off on their road trip, stopping first in Winston Salem to see the Lytles. Seven kids ages 5 and under makes for a lot of noise, and tons of fun!
  • June 13- Leah and the kids continue their road trip, stopping in Commerce, GA for lunch with Jeni and her three kids. Kaity, the oldest, promptly puts Georgia in some of her clothes, and my dress-up crazy girl is in heaven! Jeni and I are delighted for time together :-) After lunch, I pack the kids up and we drive to Conyers to stay with my sister.
  • June 14- We spend the entire day by the pool at my sister's house. No exaggeration. By the end of the day, Georgia is practically swimming, and her eyes are bright pink to show for it (she didn't wear goggles, and was opening her eyes underwater constantly).
  • June 15- Big event of the day was picking up Grandma (my mother) from her home and taking her to lunch at Chick-fil-a. My friend Erin and her son Luke met us for lunch there. I haven't seen her in five years! It was such a delight to spend time with her and hang out with Luke. Erin blogged about our visit here.
  • June 16- We played by the pool, and then attended Morgan's (my sister's niece) softball game. The kids enjoyed it though Baxter was stung by some kind of bee or wasp. Praise the Lord -- he was not allergic! It just hurt him badly, and he had a hard time calming down. Thanks to the gentleman who tore up a cigarette and put the tobacco in a bandaid on his wound. When we took the bandage off later in the day, the swelling was completely gone! I told Baxter that was the only way he could ever use tobacco.
  • June 17- I had the bright idea to have a Sunday brunch at Cracker Barrel--not even thinking about the fact that it was Father's Day! So, we had brunch at Hardee's instead (Nathan was in North Carolina, preparing to fly to the SBC, so we celebrated later). After breakfast, Ruth took me to the airport so I could catch a flight to New Orleans to meet Nathan for the Southern Baptist Convention for a few days. I love my sister, and her graciousness in watching my children.
  • June 17-20- I had my first beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde. Yummy!! Our time at the SBC was filled with visits with friends, meetings, convention center time, and a little rest and relaxation too. I confess I enjoyed using the exercise room and the pool without having to hold a Finnling as well.  We ate a lot of delicious, rich food, and enjoyed wonderful fellowship with friends we only see once a year. 
  • June 20- I flew back to Atlanta, picked up the kids, and drove home. Nathan flew in at midnight.
  • June 21- After a lazy morning together, I packed up the van, met my friends, and drove down to Orlando, FL for The Gospel Coalition Women's Conference 2012.
  • June 22-24- The Gospel Coalition Women's Conference 2012--It was amazing. As one speaker said, this was a conference for women not about women, but it was a conference FOR women and ABOUT God. I loved listening to the speakers, participating in the musical worship, and visiting with friends. I met people I did not know and deepened my friendships with others. Thanks be to God!
  • June 22-24- Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Nathan was involved in "Daddy day camp", hanging out with the Finnlings and having lots of fun with them. I am not sure they wanted me to return :-)
  • June 24- Arrived back in Raleigh shortly before midnight. Not planning to leave again anytime soon. I'm exhausted :-)
  • June 27- Just in time for our heat wave, Daddy put up the kids' pool and the kids played it in for the first time. We'll be spending a lot of time there this summer!
And that is a glimpse of our month. Hopefully I will be able to detail it in pictures over the next several days. Much love to you all!

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Erin said...

Good grief, I'm tired just reading about it! Sounds like a bunch of great things going on, though. So glad I got to be a small part of it!