Friday, July 13, 2012

A fish named Georgia

Georgia has, for the most part, always enjoyed the water. Last year, when we set up our inflatable pool in the backyard, she grew more and more adventurous and comfortable in the water. Granted, it wasn't more than about 2 feet deep, but it made her very confident in the water. Match that frequent 'water experience' with the fact that she can easily touch in the shallow end of a pool, and you have a little girl who is rapidly turning into a fish. In fact, I might even say that she can SWIM. Georgia girl LOVES to put her face in the water, and is getting better about moving around underwater. In a couple of the pictures you can see how red her eyes are from the chlorine! Swim goggles help, but she doesn't like to use them all the time. I am so excited for this new stage of her development, and I hope she can continue to enjoy the water for the rest of her life! I love my little fish named Georgia.

Date(s) taken: June 14 & 16, 2012

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