Tuesday, July 03, 2012

No black thumbs allowed!

I have often joked that I have a black thumb. I really can't seem to grow plants very well. It might be that I forget to water them--yes, I know, that is a crucial part of caring for a plant. But oftentimes, even when I water the plant, it mysteriously dies (except for two peace lilies that I couldn't kill no matter what...I finally threw them out or gave them away). Anyway, I have been very pleased this spring/summer to see that some of my plants are not just living, they are THRIVING! The flowers around my mailbox are growing beautifully  and their riotous color (blue, yellow and orange) attracts a fair amount of buzzing bees. A lovely butterfly was drawn to my flowers, which to me is the highest compliment!! 

My $2.50 Wal-Mart strawberry plant has produced a remarkable number of strawberries. The problem is little fingers (G & B) wanting to grab the strawberries as soon as they see them --whether they are ripe or not--and a little critter that I  think is a squirrel eating the fruit off the plant itself! I bought the plant on a whim this year and hope to buy several next year. The Finns love strawberries!

Date taken: June 7-8, 2012

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Erin said...

Wow, those are a really nice size, too! Between the animal critters and the human critters, though, I bet they are hard to keep on the stem until they're ready.