Friday, August 17, 2012

Georgia is learning to swim!

This summer, G has shown amazing improvement in her comfort in the water, her desire to put her face under, her ability to use her hands and feet to propel herself through the water, and even  to jump off the side. Nathan and I decided that we wanted to enroll her in swim lessons while this interest was still present, and thankfully, Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club has a two week intensive course that we got her into. As an added blessing, there was only one other girl in her class, so Georgia basically got a semi-private lesson for the cost of a class. Her teacher was a college student named Brandon who was very kind and helpful and tolerant of little girls' tendencies to talk or ignore his instructions :-)
Her face at the beginning of swim lessons--she was SO excited and had so much fun every day.

Today we brought our friends the Whitfields to watch Georgia's last lesson of this session. G loves having friends watch her (the girl is a social butterfly who enjoys putting on a show:-)

Georgia in action:

Her face at the end of the swim lesson:

I had not taught her to doggie paddle or anything, but by the end of these lessons she has learned 
*to doggie paddle the length of the pool;
*intro level work on her freestyle and backstroke;
*basic diving position; and
*how to tread water
I am SO impressed! Here is video footage of her really in action!

Make a video - it's fun, easy and free!

*Sorry for the weird spacing--I think the video is throwing things off*

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Erin said...

If only L would do as well! I keep hoping. Congratulations to her, well done!!