Sunday, October 14, 2012

Georgia lost her first tooth--Sept. 8, 2012

Georgia has had a loose tooth for awhile now. She would wiggle it and play with it, and then at other times she would complain that it hurt. Finally Nathan decided to help her out. Georgia waffled back and forth between wanting it out and not wanting him to pull it. She was NOT happy when Nathan told her it would probably bleed. Her adult tooth had already come in behind her loose baby tooth, so it came out easily--and once it did, she was thrilled!

Daddy bought Georgia's tooth for a dollar! [Nathan and I had not formulated our 'loosing a tooth' strategy, because somehow this caught us off guard. So Nathan graciously bought G's tooth from her, which thrilled her. She then put her tooth under her pillow, and I replaced with a letter I wrote and a coupon for an Ice Cream Parfait--that's French for ice cream sundae:-)]

SO proud and excited!!

Eleanor wanted to show off her 'teeth' as well. Forgive the half-dressed boy in the background :-)

Date taken: September 8, 2012

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