Thursday, November 08, 2012

Days of Thanksgiving 2012--Nov. 8

I have posted a link to a shorter version of this trailer already, but I want to include it here, during my days of thanksgiving.

Why? Why a trailer for Les Miserables (the movie)?

Because the music is stunning. The plot is a remarkable portrayal of redemption--the bad man finds redemption and new life in Christ, the good man is driven by hatred and retribution and cannot find redemption in his good deeds. 

Nathan and I love musicals. He had never seen Les Miserables performed, and we had a wonderful time seeing it in Raleigh last year. My dad loved musicals, and we would watch the 10th anniversary performance of Les Miserables any time in came on PBS. It is a cherished memory for my time with him.

So for these wonderful things, and because it is an amazing musical, I am thankful for Les Miserables. Enjoy the extended trailer!

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