Monday, January 21, 2013

Why reading lessons are difficult

One of my biggest parenting mistakes has been assuming that my children would love something because I love it. I assumed G would love to read from a very young age because I have always loved to read, and remember learning to read fairly quickly and young. G loves books, loves stories, loves being transported to a different world...but learning to read is hard work, and she doesn't like hard work. So my six year old CAN read, but she is not as proficient as I naively dreamed she would be. A big part of the reason why Georgia isn't reading more is because I am not practicing with her as I should. Why? Because reading session absolutely tired me out. Please don't get me wrong; I love my daughter, I think she is really really bright, but sometimes reading lessons are like today:

(Words G is reading are in BOLD, her comments are in italics, my responses are in [brackets]

Shack- This word is like shark. Why haven’t I ever seen a shark? When can I see a shark? What about the dolphin with all the blood? What happened to her? [She lost her tail, but they put another one on] Oh no!...[brief sideline into the story of "A Dolphin Tale"]

Shop- Like shopping? At a shop. Like Target. Can we go to Target? I want to buy dress ups and princess stuff.

Shed-Like our shed in the backyard. Where did we get our shed? [We bought it.] Who put it there? Did we bring it home in our van?

Whiz- What’s whiz? [Someone who is really smart.] Dora is really smart. She knows a lot of things.

Chick- A chick is an tiny baby chicken that is white or yellow or brown

Chuck- Ooh, that’s a big word! [b/c of the capital letter.] Like Mr. Chuck!

SmogWhat’s smog? [like fog, but thicker and more dangerous.] It’s yucky and will kill you. Where is our smog? **

Smug- What’s smug? [It means to think you are the best at everything.] I’m not the best at everything. [Who is?] Jesus is the best at everything!

Snag- What does that mean? [Snag mean to catch on something.] Like using a net to get a butterfly

SnipLike with scissors you go snip, snip, snip.

Sniff- That is when you smell something that is really sweet and spicy and you sniff (snff snff sound) it

Snub- What’s snub? [To ignore someone.] Like when you and daddy are talking and I want to say something and you do this [turns her head away but cuts her eyes at me].

See how a reading lesson might wear someone out? Love her inquisitive mind, though, and do not want to quench it in any way!

**funny aside--the first time she read the word "smog" she asked if it was the name of the dragon in The Hobbit. Smart girl.


Rachael Davis said...

This made me giggle all the way through!

Deana K said...

My favorite of her words and comments: snub. I'm dying laughing!!!