Saturday, February 09, 2013

Consignment Sale "Haul" (& suggested clothing needs list)

Twice a year, there is a LARGE consignment sale at the fairgrounds in Raleigh. I went fairly often when my kids were smaller (and fewer in number) but until this past sale (July) it had been 2-3 years since I had shopped. For this sale, my best friend Karen and I hatched a brilliant plan: she drove over from Winston Salem with her whole family to spend a few days with us, and during one of those days we both shopped at the sale. She has searched for a consignment of similar size in her area but has had no luck. So I consigned some items to allow us both into the consignors' sale on Thursday, we hired babysitters to watch our children (total # of kids = 7 kids aged 6 and under!), and we shopped until we dropped Thursday morning! It was a fun time hanging out with Karen and a very productive time of shopping. This just might be a twice-yearly occurrence!

Here are photos of what I purchased:

Fuller's items (my neighbor has graciously given me her son's outgrown clothes, so I need very little for Fuller, praise the Lord!)

Georgia's clothes (goodness, they are so BIG!)

Eleanor's clothes 

Baxter's clothes 

Shoes, rainboots, socks, puzzles and games 

Just for my future records, I bought the following:
1 set of overalls
1 swim trunk

2 pajamas
2 shorts
2 skirts
4 tops
2 outfits
1 dress

2 nice shirts
2 casual shirts
2 blue jeans
5 shorts
1 swim trunk
1 set of pajamas

2 church dresses
2 casual dresses
1 leotard (for her ballet class)
3 skirts
4 tops

4 pair rain boots
2 pair shoes
2 wooden puzzles (brand new)
Don't Break the Ice Game
3 pairs toddler socks
8 pairs children's sock (for G)
2 pairs shoes
I Spy canister
Healthy Sleep Habits book

The consignment sale is seasonal, so this sale in February is for Spring/Summer clothes, and the sale in July will be for Fall/Winter clothes. The items I purchased are not everything the kids will need for the warmer weather, but help  to fill the gaps with hand-me-downs or clothes already in their closets. Now that there are four Finnlings to clothe, I want to be very deliberate in what I purchase and how much money I spend. I came in under my preset budget, which was very exciting, and I bought almost everything on my list.

If you are still reading this long, boring post about kids' clothes, you might be interested in this list I found on Facebook of the amount of clothes your child 'really' needs. You should definitely alter it to fit your family's needs but it is very helpful baseline to keep you from over/under stocking your child's wardrobe!

10 winter outfits
10 summer outfits
10 onesies
10 pairs of socks
2 sets of pajamas
1 coat
1 jacket
1 pair winter shoes
1 pair summer shoes
3 dressy summer outfits
3 dressy winter outfits
1 hat
1 swimsuit

What is on your list of wardrobe requirements? I'd love to hear!

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Jennifer S said...

- more pajamas than that! breakfast is messy, diapers leak, I don't want to have to do laundry every other day, or just miss a load that went in and have to do another because somebody doesn't have clean pajamas or sleeper.
- mittens
- a hat for each season
- materials to make cow costume for Chick-fil-A Cow Appreciation Day
- a costume for various dress up events (not always Halloween, since we don't go door-to-door, but fall festivals, etc)
- for girls, tights for under winter dresses and bloomers for under summer dresses