Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Getting crafty (crocheting and sewing projects)

I have, in the past, greatly enjoyed spending time doing crafts. However, with four children, free time for 'crafting' is scarce! I loaned my sewing machine out for our trip to Jackson, as I didn't want to pack it and I wasn't sure I would have space to use it. Not having my sewing machine around, though, I itched for another creative outlet. So, I purchased yarn to make baby gifts for several new babies who are due soon. Crocheting is a great way to make the most of long road trips, by the way--I have another baby gift almost completed just in our drive back to Jackson from NC.

Here are photos of my recent projects: 

Baby M's blanket

Baby L's hat

Baxter's scarf

Miniature Wicked Witch of the West dress for my niece

(I worked on this dress while we were in Georgia for our extended stay. It was an intricate pattern but it turned out really cute! Just don't look too closely at anything...)

My niece is adorable in the this dress.
But she's adorable anytime!

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