Friday, April 11, 2014

Southern Forest World, Waycross

The Finn family spent ten days in Waycross, Georgia, Nathan's hometown, while his mother was hospitalized with an infection. I packed schoolbooks with the best of intentions to continue our work while there, but it just did not materialize most days. However, we did take advantage of field trip activities while there, including a trip to Southern Forest World, a self-guided museum that teaches about the history of forestry in the southern United States. My tree-hugging friends, please don't hate on me, but forestry is a huge industry in the south!

We learned about the foresting process, the different types of trees, and the many uses of tree sap. Did you know that tree sap is what makes sticky things sticky, and cloudy liquids (like Powerade or Gatorade) cloudy? The things you learn!

This tree was struck by lightning, and the museum has marked important dates throughout history on its rings. It is amazing to think of the tree being alive for 400 years

This is a real space suit displayed at the museum.

A mummified dog was found inside a tree. My picture isn't very clear, which is good, because the dog is creepy! 

 Outside of the museum is a train engine that the Finnlings love to climb all over! It was a fun day to learn more about Waycross and its history and industry.

Date taken : March 5, 2014

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