Friday, August 01, 2014

Summer Splash Pad!

While Nathan spent time in England, we had busy days with VBS, playdates, and more.

We spent one day hanging out in Durham with friends,
playing at their house,
and visiting a local splash pad.

The temperature was pretty cool for mid-July (high 70s), 
but the kids didn't care.
Splash pads are always a blast!

Playing in the splash pad

It's always fun to sit on the fountain:-)

This boy. Goodness. He is edible.

This girl. A mess. Still adorable, though.

She wanted to play in the splash pad,
but insisted on wearing googles to protect her eyes.
Googles that were too big for her.
Such a mess.

These friends are a big blessing to us.
We LOVE the Renstrom family.
And see B's arm around that little blondie's shoulder?
He thinks she is fabulous, and I hope I can show this picture to them again one day :-)

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