Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Twelfth Man

This fall, Baxter has developed a deep interest in football. We have always been big supporters of UGA (Go Dawgs!), but are really not aligned with a particular NFL team. 
I, personally, cheer for Peyton Manning no matter what team he plays for, and 
occasionally Eli Manning as long as he isn't playing against his brother:-) 
Nathan has been weighing what NFL team he wants to pick, but has not settled yet.

But #finnling2 has.

Last year, when the Broncos (PEYTON!!) played the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, we were all cheering for the Broncos...until a few minutes into the game, when Baxter decided he liked the Seahawks more. He's always been a contrarian, plus they have blue in their uniform 
(he likes to cheer for "blue teams").

It has stuck, and as we started following NFL football late in the season, Baxter decided the Seahawks would be his team.

The Seahawks call their fans the Twelfth Man--the extra person on the team, the support for the players. It's a pretty awesome concept. Baxter embraces his fandom wholeheartedly

Since getting his t-shirt last week, Baxter has worn it multiple days in a row.
Today he made signs for us to use during the Super Bowl game next week.


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Erin (moviemuse) said...

I love that he made signs. That is so sweet!