Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Clapham Academy Takes on Marbles!!

 Last week, we took a trip to Marbles Kids Museum in downtown Raleigh.
We were able to meet our former neighbors, who now live 1.5 hours away from us.
It was great to visit with Amy again (I miss our chats), and to see our kids play together.

Our science for the day: studying sound waves. 
This interactive exhibit was engaging, instructive and fun! Two thumbs up!

Few things are more fun then a huge pile of blocks, 
or seeing yourself in a mirror!

That Eleanor

Baxter spent close to an hour building and racing cars.
He's my master builder.

Georgia worked hard at sawing (in her tulle skirt, too:-)
then she moved on to fashion design, which is her latest passion

Our former neighbors, R and C:-)

Exploring how energy works

The whole gang!!

Note to local homeschooling friends: If you show your state identification card (which can be printed after you register with the Department for Non-Public Education), you can get in for free and your children get in for $4/each. This is a nice savings over $5/person :-)

Date taken: January 27, 2015

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jeni said...

Ah, fashion design! I well remember those days. ;)