Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mother's Day (& some inspiration for my mothering)

The day before Mother's Day this year, Nathan banished me from the house
so the kids could make me cards.
I did what any sane woman would do:
I went for a pedicure:-)
It was a lovely quiet time and a special treat for me, 
as I do not normally take such escapes

On Sunday morning, Mother's Day,
I worked in extended session during the morning service.
Due to a variety of things, I kept Fuller with me when 
I went to work with the class older than him.
He LOVED it, and held his own just fine with the 'bigger' kids.

We ate at our favorite Japanese steakhouse for lunch. 
The kids eagerly awaited something to be caught on fire,
 but alas, our cook didn't do any crazy tricks. Boo. 
But the food was still yummy.

God in his kindness has sent us a couple of babysitters who take the time to leave little notes about their time with our children while we are away. It is a huge blessing to have these glimpses into their time apart from us, to see how they behave when we aren't around, and to learn how they obey authority that isn't their parents. These are two of the notes recently left by my sitters.

And this--
My kids are like all kids, and they fuss and fight with each other all the time.
But during many moments, they play together with great joy and glee.
Fuller and Eleanor were giddily bouncing each other on my exercise ball.
If the pictures had sound, you would hear endless giggles. Precious.

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