Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back to School 2015

It's Back to School time in the Finn house!

This year, we are doing school a little bit differently.
The two big kids are enrolled in Faith Tutorial here in Jackson.
They will attend the tutorial on Tuesday and Thursday mornings,
and will cover English, Science, Art, and Math (for G).
They will have homework/assignments for the days they aren't in class.
I will still cover history, spelling, and other subjects at home.

Since they are now going to school (even in a reduced manner), the kids needed backpacks.
After reviewing a very professional poll (I asked Facebook:-), 
I ordered L.L. Bean Deluxe backpacks--and to say Georgia and Baxter were excited was an understatement!! They were thrilled, and I am excited about quality backpacks 
that should grow with them over time. 

Epic First Day of School Fail
It was the first day of tutorial.
It was a parking lot.
It was blazing bright.
Epic Fail.

Baxter in his tutorial class.
He's obviously impressed with my taking pictures of him.

A few days later, we took our "Clapham Academy" pictures.
Fuller and Eleanor were just cheesing it up for the camera the entire time.
Here's to a new school year, a new state, a new homeschool/tutorial plan!

My first grader

My pre-kindergartener

My crazy toddler

My third grader

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