Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Baxter turns seven -- September 28, 2015

Wasn't Baxter JUST born? How did he suddenly turn 7 years old?
This boy:
energetic, joke-teller, sensitive, snuggle-loving,
wrestler, sword-fighter, Master Builder extraordinaire,
light sleeper and early riser, chocoholic,
blue-eyed wonder of a child

We have lost more sleep because of B than any of our other children.
Yet when his sleep is interrupted, Mommy and Daddy can easily soothe and settle him. 
It is a precious thing to comfort a child--especially one getting so big!
We pray that the intensity with which he experiences life will become 
an intensity lived for Jesus. 
Celebrating his seventh birthday was loads of fun! Presents included books (he LOVES to read now!), Lego sets, breakfast with daddy, and double chocolate cake.

You are loved, Baxter!! Happy Birthday! 

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