Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Georgia's baptism

Since we knew I was pregnant with each of our children, Nathan and I have prayed for their salvation.
It is the deepest desire of our hearts for our children to follow Christ.
Georgia has been asking spiritual questions for months now,
 and we have been so very blessed by our conversations with her.
In late August, with no prompting from her parents, she prayed and asked Jesus to save her, 
to draw her to himself, to give her new life in him.
Her joy and enthusiasm was immediately apparent--is still apparent--and is such a blessing to us.

After a private interview with two of our pastors, who confirmed the work of God in Georgia's life (to the best of their ability), Georgia was baptized by her father on October 9, 2016. Later in the service, as a baptized believer, she participated in communion for the first time.  What a privilege! What a blessing! We pray it will be a lasting, treasured memory for Georgia as she grows in her faith.

To God be the glory, great things He has done!

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erin said...

I teared up watching her be baptized. I loved how articulate she was about her understanding of the gospel too. It was a special day indeed!