Friday, August 06, 2010

Baby Update

At long last, a baby update!

I am 19 weeks pregnant with baby #3, and this has been the best pregnancy by far! I have been sick very little, and cannot complain at all about any strange pregnancy symptoms. My appetite was fairly normal until about the 17th week, and then--all of a sudden--I couldn't get enough to eat! I was hungry all the time (still am). And consequently, I went from gaining only 1-2 lbs in the first trimester to gaining 7 lbs in a month. I know, for many of you reading that isn't a big deal, but that is impressive for me--and it shows in my belly :-)

I had a doctor's appointment this week as well as my 18 week ultrasound. I am measuring on track, the baby's heartbeat is good, and there are no signs of any problems at all. The ultrasound was wonderful, the baby is healthy in every way possible, and another boring/healthy pregnancy marches along. The baby is measuring right on track for my due date, and weighs approximately 9 oz. right now. My little one is sitting breech, but we still have plenty of time before we have to worry about that.

You might be wondering about the baby's gender. For this pregnancy, and for the first time, we have opted NOT to discover the baby's gender. I am very excited about this, and really appreciate my husband catering to my whims in this matter. His personal preference is to discover the gender, but he does not mind not finding out this time. We have 'stuff' for both genders, and truthfully, this baby will not have a specially decorated nursery, so there isn't much to worry about with that! I have some great pictures from the ultrasound that I will try to post soon. Until then, enjoy a shot of me taken last Friday, 18 weeks!

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