Friday, August 06, 2010

Ultrasound photos of Finnling #3

Here are ultrasound photos of Finnling #3. I apologize for the quality, but I didn't have a way to scan them, so I photographed them instead. If I can get them scanned, I will repost the 'real pics' :-)

This is the first 3D picture of any of my babies, and I love it! I also think the baby looks like one of Bax's baby pictures, but that might just be me :-)

And, for fun, I have set up an online poll for you, my wonderful readers, to guess the gender, weight, length and arrival date of our third child! Please participate--I love reading everyone's guesses (and I might eventually make a guess myself, but no promises!).

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Anonymous said...

I just entered my predictions :) We are so excited about the newest addition to the Finn Family and can't wait to find out if I have a new niece or nephew!!! Have you guys picked out names yet? You don't have to say what they are yet, just curious :)
Love you guys!