Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby wish list

As you know, I like to make lists. I don't often finish everything on my lists, but I love to make them! I decided to create a baby registry for "Huck" at as a means for me to keep track of things I need before baby arrives. However, just *in case* any family or friends are interested, you can find a small list here. I told a friend on Facebook that most of these items are 1) things I am replacing from babies 1 & 2 (i.e. I want glass bottles); 2) things I can't find from babies 1 & 2 (pack and play sheets); or 3) things that are much nicer than what I had with babies 1 & 2 (a girl can dream, right?). I hope to find many of the bigger items used, but also has a great registry fulfillment program that gives a discount on items after the baby comes, so that is a nice option. I was AMAZED at the variety of items they had--if you have small children, you should definitely check it out!

On a related note, if you plan to purchase anything from or anywhere else online, be sure you have signed up for Ebates first. Ebates is a cash-back site that pays you a percentage of your online purchases. For instance, right now at you can get 1-4% of your purchase total back if you use Ebates. It is very easy--just sign up, search for the store or online site, browse the coupons Ebates has for that site, and then open a ticket. The 'ticket' will take you into the online store, and then you can shop until your heart is content. Oh, and once you sign up and make a qualifying purchase, you will receive a $5 credit. This is real money, too--they cut you a check once a quarter. So though I am not saying you have to buy something for me and the baby, you should definitely consider using Ebates before you shop online again!

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