Sunday, November 07, 2010

Let the Christmas prep begin!

According to the little 'baby in the bubble' on my sidebar, I have 53 days until my due date, which is one week AFTER Christmas. So it is time to start preparing for Christmas! We recently had family pictures taken, so now it is time to for me to pick a Christmas card. I am dreaming big this year, and have been looking at Shutterfly's stationery-style Christmas cards. They are gorgeous (though pricier than what I normally send, which are the flat photo cards), and they have over 700 styles (stationery, folded, and flat) for you to choose from! Below are a few of my favorite of the stationery styles:

I love how the picture is central to this card, and can I just say? This little girl is adorable!

I like the modern design of this card, with the monogram and the alternative color scheme to green and red.

I LOVE this card, but it might be because of the adorable baby on it! And speaking of babies, that leads me to my real wish: to send out
holiday birth announcements!!! That would mean Huck would have to arrive a little early, but I could handle that, couldn't you?

And because we don't want to rush into Christmas itself, check out the Thanksgiving cards. Maybe I should send a Thanksgiving card in the hopes of having a holiday baby to announce?

**In full disclosure, Shutterfly is giving me 50 free Christmas cards for this write-up. And ALSO in full disclosure, I have been using and LOVING Shutterfly for years. It was not a hassle at all to write this post:-)**

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