Thursday, December 30, 2010

Did you notice?

My ExpectNet baby poll says that I have -1 day until my due date.

My Babystrology counter (the little baby in the bubble) say 0 days until my due date.

The difference in the counting is my fault (I entered a different date for them--Saturday for the baby pool, tomorrow for the counter), but the fact remains that, according to medical doctors and charts and, my baby should be here any time. Any day, any minute, in fact!

I am not in labor. God has a plan that is bigger than what medical doctors and charts and baby polls and internet searches say. His timing is perfect. And yet I find it hard to remember that when I am tired of being pregnant, and more than ready to meet my little boy/girl. Please pray that I will go into labor soon, as each day gets a little harder and more tiring. It is hard to tell Georgia and Baxter every night that we don't know what tomorrow holds, because Mommy *might* be in labor :-) Pray also for us to use this time to teach them that God has a perfect plan and perfect timing for their lives. Pray for Finnling #3 to be healthy and strong.

I promise to keep you updated! Thank you for your prayers.

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Kristin said...

Prayers going up that your little bean makes his or her safe arrival very soon!