Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Preparing for Advent, Georgia style

This Christmas season, I have been decorating the house more slowly than normal. I don't know if that is the pregnancy, the two crazy children, or the week of travel at Thanksgiving! My Christmas tree is up and lit but there are no ornaments, the stockings are hung but there is no garland, etc. Today I pulled out our Advent calendar and put it on the mantel. I know I am running a little late since Advent begins today, but, hey, at least it's up!

I don't have a picture right now, but our Advent Calendar looks like a manger scene with 25 tiny drawers underneath it. I was thrilled that Georgia remembered the Advent calendar and seemed excited about it.

Then reality hit when she asked:
"Can I have a piece of chocolate from the Jesus house?"

No fond memories of the Scripture passages we read that told of the coming Messiah, Jesus. Nope, just eager desires for MORE CHOCOLATE!

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