Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Quick Takes, an Addendum

Quick Takes are supposed to be short and sweet, but I thought of three more (quick) things to tell you:

A. We are cleaning out our garage. So if you are in need of enough cardboard to fill the back of a truck, let me know! We can help you out!

B. I want/need a new stroller but am torn about what to get. I use a stroller around the neighborhood and at the park, and on the occasional outing. Sit and stand? Double jogger? Single jogger (with B strapped in, E strapped on, and G walking)? I am so indecisive, though I know what I don't want (my used Graco Duo Glider that is sitting the garage).

C. We are contemplating a trip to Disney. Weighing our options/time/costs. Would love advice/suggestions/warnings/tips!


Rebecca W. said...

I have a duo-glider- it was the best for the money but it is awkward. it was invaluable, though, when Caleb was an infant and Anna was not 2 yet. We still use it now that they are almost 2 and 3 1/2. I really wish now that I had a sit and stand but can't justify buying a new stroller right now.

Sara said...

We had a sit and stand and I really enjoyed it. Elisa Winn has the same one, so you could look at hers. It has a bar to strap in the babycar seat until E grows out of it, which is nice. Also, there were many times where both Jenna and Ethan would ride along in the back. Helpful, when we were trying to make a quick exit from mall/store.
We went to Disney when Drew was 3 months old. I'd love to share our info. We stayed at a condo about 5 miles away from Disney and LOVED it! It was three bedrooms with a full kitchen and only paid ~$90 a night total. There was a playground and pool in the complex. I cooked almost all of our meals ahead and froze them. We packed lunch everyday as well. We saved SO much money that way and only bought one snack a day at the parks. The tickets to get into the park were actually more than our 8 night stay at the condo! I can share more if you are interested. Just send me a FB message or email.

Erin said...

You know I'd be happy to talk about Disney all day every day! My best tip is to price hotel rooms both on and off property. You never know which will be cheaper, so check both. Even if the Disney rooms are a little higher, sometimes they offer other perks (like free dining plan or a gift card) that might make the "total package" cheaper than off property. But sometimes off property is $30-$50 per night cheaper; very few on property perks can make up for that kind of price difference. You know where to find me if you have any specific questions! (Can't help with the stroller thing since L hasn't used one since we bought his first pair of shoes. He walks everywhere, even at Disney, even at age 2. Weird, I know!)

travisandstephanie said...

You don't need a stroller- make all of them (including E) walk! HA HA! Ok, just kidding on that one... seeing as we only have Sam, I can't give you any advice on strollers either.

However, I can tell you to talk to Allison Lawson about Disney. They go EVERY year and she has tons of ways to save money- she actually recommends going in September when it is less crowded and staying on property bc of the perks. However, I don't know how Sept would work w/ Nathan teaching. Regardless, you NEED to talk to her! :)

jeni said...

I have a friend whose business is in discount tickets to special events in the southeast. She does Disney specials twice a year. It's worth checking out. Her name is Gretchen and her website is hspassport(dot)(com); e-mail hspassport (at) Tell her I sent ya!

Tara said...

Hey Leah! I love all your Valentine's sweetheart pictures! Cutie-pies!

We have a Graco Duo-Glider but also just purchased a Combi side-by-side stroller and keep both in the back of the car. The Duo-Glider is nice to fit through aisles, but I like the Combi when doing walks, etc. so both kids can see well. It is super easy to fold-up and lift too! Highly recommend it!

And we are going down to Orlando in May for my cousins' wedding and are hoping to do Disney too! I have enjoyed working with which was recommended by Tour Guide Mike. They are free to use and have been so helpful!

Kimberly said...

I honestly would wait about going to Disney until the kids are older. We had a blast and I would love to go back. But my opinion is that it would be more enjoyable for everyone in another couple of years. But if you decide to go, Alison Lawson is the person to talk to about it.